Wilhelm Reich And Roll

by Orgone Accumulators

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In Boleskine House and environs, on the banks of Loch Ness, the Fifth Neuro Orgone Research Department have been hard at work since 1986 researching the theory that alien communications from Sirius gave humans the technology to create civilisation as we know it 5000 years ago. The past 5 years have been spent looking at the evidence they have found that the Sirius communications also contained transmissions of music. These arcane waves have now been decoded and translated into sounds that human beings can hear. The first results can be heard here in this release.

It was Professor De Selby who decided that the music should be known under the moniker ORGONE ACCUMULATORS. After a busy day swimming in the Loch and swearing blind he'd had a close encounter with Nessie herself he settled down with some of his patent week old Irish whiskey. Once his mind had become suitably loosened he came upon the idea of calling this alien music ORGONE ACCUMULATORS. He explained the next day that this was the perfect name - the idea of music made 5000 years ago by aliens from Sirius would more than likely be ridiculed so why not present it to the public as a music project probably made by someone in their bedroom. This was the perfect way to warp humanities mind by subterfuge. To further increase the public's incredulity that this music was actually the work of ancient astronauts he decided that the initial recordings should be given the preposterous title of Wilhelm Reich and Roll. Who could possibly take such a nonsense pun seriously? It's not yet known what purpose the aliens had in mind when creating the music. Fingers crossed it wasn't mind control.

The researchers at the Fifth Neuro Orgone Research Department were puzzled as to how to actually describe the music. Some mentioned it sounded like an ambient Cramps whilst others thought it sounded like a cross between surf and techno. One researcher said he thought it was complete bollocks and sounded like the work of some amateur bumbling away in his bedroom. This researcher was quickly moved to another department and is now researching how long a human being can survive at the bottom of a lake whilst having his feet firmly encased in concrete. Another put forward the theory that perhaps it was proof that Man Or Astroman really were alien beings from another planet.

For the moment we can only speculate. Research will continue and there are plenty more communications to be translated into music. The men of science at the Fifth Neuro Orgone Research Department are currently at work in their laboratories making this a reality.


released April 25, 2009

Sultans Of Swing Records